2018 Summer Camp Class Descriptions


Abracadabra! It’s Magic (3-6)

Now you see it, now you don’t!  Led by a professional magician, campers will learn to construct, practice and perform incredible illusions and breathtaking feats of magic.  Amaze and astound your friends and family with close-up tricks with cards, coins and magic wands! You’ll receive your very own magic kit at the end of the week so you can perform your new tricks at home.

All Ramped Up (4-6)

Do you love science, engineering and designing?  Learn physical science concepts, and engineering design-test-and re-design of small ramp structures to explore forces that work on objects in motion.  Play games like Blokus to build your spatial awareness. Use spinning tops and make spin art for a fun way to think about motion!

The Amazing Race, European Edition (3-6)

On your mark, get set…TRAVEL!  Europe is full of fantastic places, fascinating history, interesting people and amazing cultures to explore.  In this jet-setting class, we’ll catch some of the most exciting features as teams “race” around the continent completing missions, collecting clues and learning about many countries and what makes them unique.

Anything Goes (K-2/3-6/K-6)

A little bit of this, a little bit of that and a whole lot of fun!  Experience a myriad of activities designed to bust summer boredom. Combining many favorite camp activities and themes, Anything Goes gives you a chance to experience some of the best we have to offer – relays, contests, minute-to-win-it games, silly stunts and mischievous activities, playground and board games, arts and crafts, cooking, sports, science experiments, mind benders and more!

Art Antics (K-2)

Let’s get away from our desks and explore some unconventional methods for making art!  We will swing, move, step, spray and spin our artwork into existence. Have fun creating really BIG art projects, some silly art projects and some gooey, slimy, messy art projects.  We’ll use everything from paints to food to shampoo and lotion! No matter what we do, it will be lots of FUN.

Art In Motion (K-2)

Use movement to make art and learn how to make art look like it is in motion!  Learn about American artists like Jackson Pollock who poured paint, Alexander Calder who invented the mobile and traditional puppet masters who use shadow silhouettes to tell stories – and make your very own art in their styles.  Explore objects in motion including rolling balls down ramps, painting with moving marbles, spinning tops, making spin art, experimenting with balance while making mobiles and letting gravity help you paint.

Art Lab (K-2)

Explore and experiment with art! How do inks and salt mix?  What happens when you freeze paint, or clay? How can you make dried-up markers work again?  Have fun and be creative with plants, mud, vinegar, shaving cream and other unconventional materials!

Art Studio (3-6)

Unleash your creativity while you immerse yourself in the studio arts:  drawing, painting, sculpting, printing and more. You’ll enjoy a myriad of artistic media using a variety of materials – charcoal and clay, pastels and paints, inks, wire, thread and more!  No experience necessary – suitable for beginning artists as well!

Acrtic Adventure (K-2)

Bundle up as we visit the snowy regions of the far north!  On our journey, we’ll learn about the lands, peoples and animals of the Arctic Circle.  Get to know musk ox, narwhals, sea lions, arctic foxes, reindeer – and, of course, polar bears!  Learn how to use a dog sled and how to take care of sled dogs. There will be lots of play and creative activities in this imaginative expedition to the North Pole!

Baker’s Dozen (1-3)

During this creative cooking experience, young bakers will learn how to make all kinds of yummy baked goods.  After a week in the Pinecrest kitchen, bakers will walk away with baking knowledge galore as well as delicious memories.

Basketball (3-6)

Whether you are new to hoops or a seasoned athlete, this week of basketball drills, skills and fundamentals will get you ready to play in any season.  Team skills, teamwork, game strategy and scrimmages will round out our week on the courts. Serious fun!

Beach Week (K-2)

Pack your suit, sunglasses and sunscreen!  Join us as we soak up the sun and enjoy some relaxing beach fun. In between the fun and games, arts and crafts, and cool water activities, you’ll learn a little about the many creatures that inhabit the beach both on land and in the water.  It wouldn’t be beach week without a taste of the boardwalk, too!

Bon Voyage (K-2)

Pack your bags because we’re setting sail on the S.S.  Pinecrest for a dream cruise vacation through the Pacific!  Imagine the sites we’ll see as we chug across the vast ocean all the way from Alaska to the land down under.  After a proper bon voyage party before we hit the high seas, we’ll drop anchor in some of the most magnificent places and see what there is to see – the wildlife, the landmarks, the music, the food.  Get ready for an unforgettable journey!

Bon Voyage: Mediterranean Cruise (3-6)

Pack your bags to set sail on the S.S. Pinecrest for a dream cruise through the Mediterranean Sea! After a proper bon voyage party before we hit the high seas, we’ll drop anchor in some of the most magnificent places and see what there is to see – the wildlife, landmarks, music and food. Get ready for an unforgettable journey!

Book Cooks (K-2)

Get excited about cooking in new and delightfully delicious ways as we use some of our favorite children’s books to stir up our appetites.  Read stories with food in the starring role – stone soup, or the gingerbread man, anyone? Participate in hands-on activities related to the books and get ready for a culinary adventure as we cook up the incredible edibles from the stories.

Book Nook (K-2)

Nothing brings out creativity like a great picture book, and there are so many beloved authors who are masters at conjuring up fun.  We’ll use the delightful tales of well-known children’s authors as a springboard for art, cooking, drama and games, focusing on a different famed storyteller each day.  Our daily adventures will inspire your child to read, write, think and create with some of the most treasured authors of all time. Join us for a Bunch of Munsch Monday, Tomie de Paola Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday Seuss-a-palooza and more!

Brain Benders (3-6)

Are you fascinated by mind-bending puzzles?  Do you love a good challenge? Give your critical thinking and problem-solving skills a workout.  Practice thinking outside the box as you decipher puzzles, riddles and brainteasers. You’ll work by yourself or in a team to play thinking games and meet creative challenges, all the while stimulating those neurons!  Brain Benders will encourage thinkers to take risks and reach new mental heights.

Broadway Bound (K-2)

Do you like to sing and dance?  Is Broadway calling your name? If so, join us for this musical theater adventure.  Take your energy to the stage as we learn to sing familiar show tunes and practice dance steps to go with them.  Have a ball as we use our voices and move our bodies to portray different characters and be stars in a short performance on the last day of class.

A Bug’s Life (K-2)

Beetles, dragonflies, bumble bees, spiders…the world of creepy-crawly critters will capture our imaginations!  We’ll spend a week poking around in corners and digging in the dirt, exploring the world of insects and other buggy creatures through observation, hunts, games, crafts and activities.  Our favorite bug books, both fiction and nonfiction, will help us with the science on our insectivorous adventures.

Building Big (3-6)

Campers will get to put their math, science, visual acuity, spatial relations skills and imagination to the test by seeing what they can create with various types of blocks, Lincoln Logs, Legos, K-nex, Tinker Toys, Wedgits, Zoobs, Model Magic, common household items and even food.  In addition to free building, there will be special challenges too like seeing if we can change our design to build a bridge that holds more weight. A few lessons on basic architecture and engineering will round out this week of construction fun.

Building Brigade (K-2)

Construct all kinds of buildings and bridges using blocks, Lincoln Logs, Legos, K-nex, Tinker Toys, Wedgits, Zoobs, Model Magic, common household items and even food. We will have a try at making our own blocks and Play-doh too.  We will discuss basic design, engineering and city planning, and then we will put those new skills to work building a huge municipality on our classroom floor. Excitement for this class is building!

Camper Sampler (K-2/3-6/K-6)

No need to choose just one way to spend your day – it’s a potpourri of fun-filled activities with plenty for everyone to enjoy!  Outdoor games, brain benders, crafts, board and card games and water fun are on our agenda as we celebrate summer – a little bit of this, a little bit of that, a whole lot of fun!

Career Day (K-2)

Doctor, nurse or veterinarian; police officer, mail carrier or firefighter; teacher, builder or office clerk – what’s your favorite kind of work?  It takes all kinds of jobs to make our world run and all kinds of people to do them. Explore and discover careers from A to Z through interactive stories, games and imaginative role play as we seek to answer the age-old question of “What will you be when you grow up?”

Clean Out the Cupboard Crafts (K-2)

Raid the supply closet – the only limits to what you can design and make in this class are what’s left, and your imagination!  Not only can use conventional materials like ribbon and fabric, beads and baubles, clay, paints and more, but you never know what else you might find – lanterns or lockets, fly swatters or fortune cookies, mirrors or mylar.  This is your chance to make whatever you want – a miniature diorama, a crazy stuffed monster, a giant mobile – using the materials on hand.

Crafty Creations (1-3)

T-shirts, placemats, picture frames and keychains are only a few of the kinds of creations we will make. Create sand art, color some stained glass, custom decorate a tote bag or experiment with decoupage.  Each day will be packed with colorful, fun-filled activities. We will make it, and you can take it.

Create-a-Country (3-6)

Imagine a world just the way you want it to be – your favorite food grows on trees, the flag is a picture of your favorite animal, the national anthem is your favorite song. In this unique class, you’ll create a fantasy country to your own specifications.  Once you’ve discovered what elements define a country, you’ll set to work inventing your own original country and its map, flag, currency, system of government and national symbols. On Friday, we’ll invite other campers to our own travel agency and display our week’s worth of fun!

Creative Confections (3-6)

A little baking and lots of creating!  Take boring cookies, cupcakes, Rice Krispie treats, and brownies and turn them into your own edible masterpieces! Interspersed with food-related games and activities, we will spend the week playing with our food (without getting in trouble) and following step-by-step decorating techniques to create beautiful, unique and yummy confections.

Dance-a-Book (K-2 and 3-6)

Books are for reading, but in this class they will also be the inspiration for a dance.  As a group we will select a book and develop a dance performance based on it. In addition to having fun, campers will build literacy, be physically active, and develop their creativity and teamwork skills.

Daring, Dangerous & Immature (3-6)

If you’re wacky, you’re zany, and you aren’t afraid to try something slightly ridiculous, you are just the kind of kid we’re looking for as we let loose and get dirty, make mischief and act like goofballs!  In the style of books like The Encyclopedia of Immaturity, The Daring Book for Girls and The Dangerous Book for Boys, we’ll make the ordinary extraordinary as we try kooky stunts, learn to juggle, try out funny camera tricks, or play with our food.  Who knows where our imaginations will take us as we seek out ways to be as undignified and outlandish as possible!

Day in the Life (K-2)

Live a life of adventure…at least for this one week!  We’ve rounded up some of the bravest, most thrill-seeking people around to bring you one action-packed week of make believe!  Knights, cowboys, pirates and explorers would each like you to follow in their footsteps for a day, seeing what their lifestyles would be like.  Through stories, games, crafts and lots of interactive and imaginative play, we will see what it’s like to be just like them!

Dino Days (K-2)

If you wish you had a dinosaur for a pet, then this “dino-mite” class is for you!  Join us in the land before time to learn about all your favorite prehistoric creatures. T-rex, stegosaurus, velociraptors and pterosaurs will all be part of this week of dinosaur discovery.  We’ll put on our paleontologist hats and use facts, science, art and other activities to become experts about some of our favorite ancient creatures.

Engineering 101 (3-6)

How does a dam withstand the crushing pressure of a lake full of water?  How does a suspension bridge resist the forces of wind and traffic? Why can we walk in the shadows of mammoth skyscrapers, drive through tunnels deep underground and sit beneath soaring stadium domes, confident that these giant structures will not collapse?  Investigate these questions and more and build great structures using all kinds of materials from straws to sponges, playing cards to paper and toothpicks to tape as you become the engineer.

Epic Disasters (3-6)

The volcanic explosion at Pompeii…the San Francisco earthquake of 1906…Hurricane Katrina.  How did they happen? What about the fiery end to the Hindenburg and the icy end to the Titanic?  What caused these disasters, and what was learned from them? Can we prevent similar disasters? Travel back in time to take an in-depth look at these and other natural and man-made explosions, wacky weather, and ground-shaking events.  Learn about geology, seismology, aeronautics, meteorology, combustible gases, and more through research as well as hands-on activities and simulations. Get wet, dusty and messy (but stay totally safe) with this epic class!

Eureka Invention (3-6)

“Anything’s possible – keep thinking!” is the motto here.  We will explore serendipitous moments in invention history and learn about the iconic innovations and amazing accidents that have resulted in inventions that have changed our lives.  We’ll take a look at the lives of famous inventors and at the links between inventions. We’ll also work on daily challenges, brainstorming, collaborating and designing as we practice thinking like inventors!  And just like real inventors, we will present our ideas to a panel of experts and apply for patents.

Extraordinary Artists (K-2)

Learn about famous artists and explore their different techniques and styles using various materials. Splatter some paint in the footsteps of Jackson Pollock, create with colors inspired by light just like Monet, break the rules like Picasso, draw with scissors like Matisse and much more!  Let your own creativity soar as you draw inspiration from their artistic experimentation and yours!

Fabulous Five Senses (K-2)

Touch, see, hear, taste and smell your way through the activities, crafts, games, art and science projects in this class.  Explore the many mysteries of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Make art while blindfolded, identify the ingredients in a recipe only by smell or use your ears to identify your friends!  You’ll need all five senses to experience the fun of this class.

Fairy Magic (K-2)

If you are a nature lover and a believer in magic, you won’t want to miss a week of fabulous fairy fun!  We’ll seek out fairies from lands far and near. You’ll make your own tiny fairy doll, a wee fairy house and a fairy boat.  You’ll learn how to find real fairy rings and lanterns in the forest and even make fairy wings of your very own. Let’s celebrate the magic of fairies – fresh air and sunshine and a sprinkle of pixie dust!

Feline Friends (K-2)

What are furry, funny, curious and cuddly?  Cats and kittens, of course! With crafts, stories, baking and lots of play, you’ll learn about cats big and small, read about beloved cats in books, make, treats and toys for your own favorite felines, and maybe even cuddle some kitties!

Fit and Fast (K-2)

Have fun running, jumping and striding into fitness!  You’ll get flexible, work on your speed and test your skills.  Whether you are a soccer player or swimmer, enjoy the basketball hoop or the hula hoop, you’ll be a faster and fitter athlete after this camp.  Lots of games, activities and learning about healthy habits will keep the week fun.

Fun and Games (K-2)

Play tried-and-true favorites and discover new ones, too: board games, game show games, sports and active games, card games, mind games, minute-to-win-it reflex games and so much more.

Galaxy Quest (3-6)

Houston, we have a problem!  There is space mission that needs to be carried out.  Think you are the astronaut that can handle the job? Then this is the class for you!  Our quest will take us from the sun all the way to the outer stretches of the solar system.  We will discover comets, black holes, constellations and more as we search for clues to help us complete our mission.

Games Galore (K-2)

Join us as we play tried-and-true favorites and discover new games, too.  There will be card games, board games, paper/pencil games, playground games, and game show challenges.  Fun for everyone!

Game On (3-6)

Get your game on in this fun and active class that combines the best parts of our P.E. and Push Your Limits classes.  Whether you are participating in action-packed, fast-paced team and partner challenges, playing traditional playground and lawn games, completing activities that promote fitness, taking part in your favorite P.E. games or chilling out with tailgating and field day events, you are sure to have a ball.

Garden Sprouts (K-2)

Have fun learning about seeds, sprouts, stems, flowers and garden critters in this nature-based camp.  With stories, games, science, crafts and cooking, you’ll grow, play with, make, experiment and enjoy the world of plants and their allies in the garden.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun (K-2)

Okay, girls! Join us for a week filled with just your kind of fun!  In this boy-free environment, we’ll spend our days on everything from pajama parties and singing to exciting game challenges and unique crafts.  We’ll enjoy a relaxing day at our own spa making and using all kinds of skin care products. We’ll explore our active side as we enjoy the fun of playing sports with just girls.  We’ll bring out our inner rock star, as we sing and dance the day away. If you’re looking for a guaranteed good time, this is one party you are not going to want to miss!

Go, Go, Go! (K-2)

Ready!  Set! Go!  Go! Go! We will start the week learning all about the things that get us moving along on our way: planes, trains and automobiles!  Our super science skills will help us make sense of these wonderful means of transportation. Make and race your own race car and create a magnetic train car and use magnets to see how fast you can make it move.  Explore hot air balloons that soar high and airplanes that can fly. How do they do that? We’ll find out! We’ll learn about what makes things sink or float as well as we build boats from paper and foil. Let’s get moving on a week of fast-paced fun and investigation!

Goofy P.E. & Games (3-6 and K-6)

What do hula hoops, brooms and balloons have to do with basketball, soccer or volleyball?  Can you have P.E. fun with household tools? You’ll find out in this class of goofy versions of your favorite P.E. games.  The challenge will be to try to play while you laugh like crazy!

Gotta Dance (3-6)

Can’t sit still when the music starts?  Whether you’ve studied dance before or like to shake it up in your living room, this class is for you.  It combines many styles of dance to give campers a fun and exciting week of moving and grooving to your favorite tunes!  Spend the week learning ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, line dancing and even how to choreograph. Whatever your style, this is a week of guaranteed fun and exercise, with a performance on the last day of the class.

Great Outdoors (K-2)

Lace up your boots, load up your pack, fill your canteen and bring your binoculars and a hat – we are headed on an adventure!  Our home base will be our indoor campsite complete with a tent and the supplies we need for a week’s worth of fun, but we will spend plenty of time exploring the outdoors too.  Learning about forest animals, going on outdoor scavenger hunts, creating nature art, eating campfire treats and making trail mix are all part of the fun.

Growing Gourmets (3-6)

Does your child love to help you in the kitchen?  Campers who are budding chefs will have the opportunity to experience a variety of cooking methods as they create culinary masterpieces they can recreate at home for their families!  They will measure and mix ingredients, use a variety of kitchen tools, follow recipes, and learn about food safety in this hands-on class. Each camper will come home with a recipe book and maybe even some treats to share with you along the way!  So, let’s roll up our sleeves and get COOKING!

Handmade Treasures (3-6)

Using a variety of media, we will paint, model, collage, stitch and sculpt stunning treasures that are sure to become family heirlooms!  We’ll use our creativity to put a personal stamp on handmade artifacts, while we learn new crafting skills. Ornaments, vases, wall art, cards, wearable art and trays are just some of the project types we will complete.

Happy Holidays (K-2)

A year of holidays in one week!  We’ll start by counting down to New Year’s Day and work our way through the year until it’s New Year’s Eve.  Along the way we’ll make Valentine’s cards, celebrate our nation’s birthday, and wear our Halloween costumes and have fun on other holidays in-between.  We’re celebrating everything!

History Alive (3-6)

Take a step back in time to some landmark events in American and World History in this hands-on and interactive class where you have the power to be a part of and maybe even change history.  Hear cool stories behind powerful historical events and consider decisions in history from various perspectives, imagining how the outcomes of these events may have differed and what it would have been like to be there.  Don’t miss this opportunity to make history come alive!

Hop Into Kindergarten (K)

Heading to kindergarten this fall?  Then stop here first! This is a fun-filled week of readiness activities designed especially rising kindergartners at any school.  We’ll hold a mini kindergarten day complete with a morning meeting, journal writing, math games, read-a-loud stories, recess, science experiments and more.  This class is a great way to gain confidence and get excited about the coming school year!

Imagination Vacation (K-2)

Experience a new adventure each day as we use our imaginations to “take” vacations or trips.  We might step right up for some circus fun under the big top with clowns, popcorn and animal tricks, or enjoy a relaxing day at the beach with water play, beach volleyball and seashell and sand art.  We’ll pitch a tent, take a hike and make trail mix and s’mores on a camping expedition. Let your imagination take you on these and other unforgettable summer getaways.

Jazz It Up (K-2)

Get ready to take to the stage and “jazz it up” through movement, singing, acting and all around fun!  The week will be jam-packed with the styles, as well as fun facts of ragtime, blues, Dixieland, swing, big band, bebop and more.  We’ll top off this musical journey through history with a cool jazz performance on Friday.

Jewelry Extravaganza (3-6)

Spend a week updating your jewelry box with your own jewelry creations!  Try your hand at beading, weaving, sculpting and glittering. We’ll use beads, papers, bottle caps, polymer clay, wire and more to create dazzling designs that you can wear or give as gifts.  Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, charms…the possibilities are endless!

Jungle Adventure (K-2)

Colorful and unique wildlife make tropical rainforests chock full of interesting things!  Fly above the emergent layer, swing from the canopy, climb in the understudy and crawl through the forest floor as we explore tropical rainforests.  From flora and fauna, to animals and insects, we will learn all about this amazing environment, its inhabitants and what we can do to preserve it.

Just for Fun (K-2)

We’ll spend a day playing sports and games and another camping.  We’ll explore everything from our love of building to our interest in bugs.  And who knows what other surprise ideas our campers might come up with for the last day!  Don’t miss this chance at a week chock-full of fun and imagination.

Kids’ Café (3-6)

Have you ever dreamed of opening your own restaurant with all your favorite foods?  During this class, you will be able to do just that. Everyone will have a part, from planning the menu, decorating the restaurant, learning to set tables and make centerpieces, cooking and serving food and finally eating it.  Make your reservations early for this class!

Kids for a Cause (3-6)

Do you like to help others?  Are you a little kid with a big heart?  Join us as we put our helping hands together to make a difference at our camp and in the greater community through service projects and acts of kindness.  Kids for a Cause will show that kids CAN make a difference. Come serve and lead with us!

Kids in the Kitchen (3-6)

Don your chef hat and grab an apron – it’s time to cook!  This class gives young chefs an opportunity to explore a wide variety of culinary delights.  Along with learning to cook new and tasty recipes, campers will expand their knowledge of food preparation and presentation and cooking safety.  Leave the class with a keepsake recipe book and delicious memories as well.

Kitchen Chemistry (K-2 and 3-6)

Can you power a lightbulb with a lemon?  Make an egg shell disappear? What’s the point of baking soda in pancakes, anyway?  Explore many other questions like these as you experiment with everyday materials from the refrigerator and the grocery store – for some colorful, smelly, surprising and maybe even tasty chemistry fun!

Let’s Dance (K-2)

Have a blast as you warm up, learn new steps and help choreograph some toe-tapping dance numbers!  Move and groove while learning the basics of ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop and modern dance, and put your new moves into some show-stopping dance numbers on Friday!

Magic Tree House (K-2)

When the Magic Tree House whisks Jack and Annie away into all kinds of exciting times and places, there is never a shortage of adventure!  The same is true of this class, where we will use our imaginations to take magical journeys to faraway lands and distant time periods. What fun we’ll have as we pretend to walk with famous folks of the past just like Jack and Annie.  Through literature, arts and crafts, drama, and creative activities, we will feel like we’ve been sent on a different mission every day.

Marvelous Me (K-2)

Spend a whole week celebrating the uniqueness of YOU!  Focus on the wonderful characteristics that make each of us, well US – our physical attributes, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, emotions, talents and treasures.  Read stories, sing songs, play games, do experiments and create life-sized self portraits, “All About Me” books, time capsules, fingerprint and toeprint art and more!

Marvelous Minis (3-6)

Make itty-bitty treasures for your dolls and stuffed animals, or design teensy scenes that fairies could move into!  We’ll transform bottle caps into pies and yogurt lids into beds. You’ll make cute-as-a-button dinnerware, create tiny dance costumes out of scraps of tulle and bind books in inch-size editions.  And because creating at the micro-level works up an appetite, we’ll make tiny treats that we can eat too. Diminutive donuts, leprechaun-sized layer cakes and petite pies are just some of the tasty, bittier-than-bite-size sweets you’ll enjoy!

Medieval Times (K-2)

Gather, m’lords and m’ladies! Learn about life in the days of knights and ladies, castles and cathedrals, dungeons and pageants.  We will try our hand at many activities, from making chain mail and playing medieval games, to creating a coat of arms and grinding wheat.  Prepare and taste medieval foods, explore medieval crafts, practice jousting and swordplay and learn about clothing and customs from long ago.

Messy P.E. (K-6)

Roll up your sleeves, get sweaty and make a big mess while you play games and run, jump, skip and throw paint, silly string, shaving cream and more!  This class will mix P.E. with lots of surprises for some slippery, slidey, ooey and gooey good time.

Mini Wizards (K-2)

Expecto magico!  Make some magic as you experiment with potions and cast spells, make a wand, create your robes and hat, hunt for magical creatures and wizard treasure!  You’ll concoct charms and magical objects, learn how to tell fortunes and explore the wizarding world.

Minute to Win It (3-6)

How many cookies can you balance on your forehead?  Can you drop a Mento into a soda bottle…while standing on a desk?  Or pick up a tortilla with swim flippers on your hands? Challenge your body and brain with these quick – but not easy – games and sports!  Compete against yourself to beat your record at rubber band shooting, pencil bouncing, block stacking and more. We’ll also try our hand at no-sweat sports like lawn darts, badminton and ping pong.

Money Matters (3-6)

Let’s play the game of Life in real time.  Are you ready to move out on your own? What kind of car will you own?  Where will you live? Campers will learn the value of money, how to plan a budget, write checks and pay bills and even take a shot at the stock market.  Where you live, work and play affect your bottom line. Do you have what it takes to strike it rich? Find out as you join us for a fun week of simulation guaranteed to raise fiscal awareness and sharpen finance skills.

Monster Mayhem (K-2)

Monsters are a little bit scary but mostly a whole lot of fun, and this class will be a monster-sized hit!  We’ll read stories about monsters, cook up monstrous treats, make crazy monster art, learn about some famous monsters, create monsters of our own and enjoy much more magnificent monster mayhem.  It’s sure to be a howling good time!

Myth Busters (3-6)

Can you make a bridge entirely out of duct tape?  Is the bathroom the germiest place at Pinecrest? Is it impossible to find a needle in a haystack?  Are pop rocks and soda a recipe for disaster? These are just a few of the many myths that have been explored in this popular class.  With new myths to bust, we will combine the scientific method with gleeful curiosity and plain old-fashioned ingenuity to create our own unique style of exciting experimentation!

No Girls Allowed (K-2)

That’s right, boys!  This one’s just for you, and no girls are going to intrude on your fun this week!  In this girl-free environment, boys will be boys while playing games, doing projects and investigating all kinds of messy and slightly mischievous ideas.  We work in an electronics-free environment and practice playing and creating games using our own wits and collective skills. Whether you are building giant block structures, creating forts out of blankets and chairs, or even making a giant mess, there is sure to be something for everyone in this week of all-boy fun.

Ocean Commotion (K-2)

Did you know that the ocean makes up 70% of the earth’s surface?  Have you ever wondered what goes on down there? Dive into this underwater adventure and we’ll find out as we become oceanographers exploring the fascinating plant and animal life of this vast undersea world.  Swim with sea creatures both big and small, check out a coral reef, clean up an oil spill, and transform our classroom into an amazing underwater haven. This is a class in which you will definitely want to submerge yourself.

Ocean Explorers (3-6)

Have you ever wondered what is lurking beneath the deep blue sea?  Have you thought about why the ocean is so salty and how waves go in and out?  Are you curious about how we can keep our oceans clean and healthy? Come find the answers to all of your oceanographic questions as we explore the water, movement, animals and plants that make up the earth’s fascinating seas through hands-on experiments, fun activities and take-home projects.

On the Hunt (4-6)

Do you like solving puzzles?  Following clues? Finding hidden objects?  Every day will be a treasure hunt in this class. We’ll use orienteering and map-reading skills, puzzle-solving and logic skills and more as we go on quests, follow directions and find hidden clues inside and out.  We’ll even make up some scavenger hunts of our own to use at home with friends and family.

Out of This World (K-2)

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…blast off!  Join us for an “out of this world” experience as we go to space school to learn about the sun, moon, day and night, gravity and what it takes to be an astronaut.  Comets, planets, stars and more are all waiting to be discovered as we climb aboard our spaceship and explore from the Earth’s atmosphere to the far reaches of the solar system.

Passport Adventure (K-2)

Grab your passport and pack your bag.  Join us as we “travel” to faraway places.  Each day a new country will be on the itinerary and each destination will bring opportunities to learn and explore some of the things that make that place special, whether it is the food, culture, landmarks, animals, weather, art or music.  Games and crafts will also be part of the fun in this whirlwind trip to five countries in five days!

P.E. Sports and Games (3-6)

It’s game time!  This class combines playing traditional playground, Field Day and P.E. games with learning skills.  Play popular American and international sports, many you might have tried before and some that are new to you.  You are in for an action-packed week as we work on improving our motor skills, stamina and fitness level. We will stress teamwork, sportsmanship and, of course, fun!

Pet Parade (K-2)

Calling all pet lovers!  A parade of pets will visit our class – a new pet each day!  Get hands-on experience as we learn how to care for all our special visitors.  Through stories and books we will discover what each pet eats, what kind of beds they like and how they play.  Enjoy lots of stuffed animal fun, too!

Pinecrest Publishing (3-6)

Learn the publishing process from the ground up.  You will do it all, from generating story ideas, to taking photographs, creating artwork and advertisements, to interviewing and writing articles, to editing, layout and publishing.  Learn about the tough decisions journalists face when selecting news items, researching stories and producing a quality product, and then put it into practice as we publish our very own e-magazine.

Photography 101 (3-6)

Let’s turn that selfie around to discover a whole new perspective!  Campers will explore point of view, effects and what makes a good. Picture scavenger hunts and creating a portfolio of work to showcase at the end of the week are part of the plans, too.  Campers must bring in their own smart device with a camera which is only to be used during the class. At all other times, devices must remain in backpacks. Pinecrest School is not responsible for any lost or damaged items.

Pinecrest Hospital (K-2)

Calling campers who have a heart for taking care of people:  Pinecrest Hospital needs you for our grand opening at the end of the week!  Medical training is provided. Learn all about how your body works, why things go wrong and how you can fix those things.  If you would like to be a doctor or nurse someday, or if you like taking care of people, then admit yourself to this hospital right away!

Pinecrest Med School (3-6)

Calling all future doctors, nurses, caregivers or science lovers – you are officially accepted to this year’s class of Pinecrest Medical School!  Your medical training will of course include learning about how your body works, why things go wrong and how you can fix them. We’ll learn how our brains do their jobs, why our noses run and our eyes cry, what happens to food after we eat it – all the weird and wonderful (and sometimes gross) things that happen inside our bodies.

Pinecrest’s Got Talent (3-6)

We know our campers are brimming with talent galore, and we’re ready to host a massive talent search!  We’ll spend the week honing talents of all kinds from the obvious to the obscure. Whether you like to sing, act, dance, jump rope, tell jokes, do magic tricks, juggle or stand on your head, we will make you a star on our stage!  We’ll even discover talents we didn’t even know we had as we try out various and ridiculous activities and each take a turn being a talent judge.

Pirate Island (K-2)

Ahoy, buccaneers!!  Come aboard this pirate ship and have a swashbuckling good time as we set sail to a world of adventure.  We will read stories, play games, make pirate outfits and accessories of our own, learn pirate lingo, follow treasure maps to find the hidden treasure and spend plenty of time looking for gold, walking the plank and playing on our big pirate ship.  See ya there, matey!

Play With Your Food (3-6)

Sometimes food is more than just sustenance…sometimes it’s art and science!  We will carve creatures and critters out of fruits and vegetables, shrink life-size food into miniature food, grow new foods out of old ones and explore some awesome kitchen science.  Be ready for messy, creative and (mostly) edible fun!

Pony Roundup (K-2)

Have you ever dreamed about having a pony of your own?  This is the place for you! Learn all about the care and keeping of ponies, their habits and behaviors, the many special breeds of ponies and why they are such incredible companions for people.  Through stories and books, games and crafts and lots of play with toy horses and barns, you’ll fall in love with these beautiful animals. Taught by an instructor lucky enough to own real horses!

Princess Parade (K-2)

Hear ye!  Hear ye! Attention all princesses!  You are hereby invited to join us on a royal journey to explore the world of princesses and discover the kingdoms of some of your favorites.  We’ll have all of the trimmings of a proper princess including our tiaras, of course, and practice our very best etiquette, learn of our royal duties and discover what makes a princess royal on the inside.  The king and queen await your arrival so dust off your tiaras and get ready for a week fit for a princess!

Project Earth (2-6)

Our big, beautiful planet needs your help!  Together we will explore ways to save the Earth and the environment both at school and home.  We’ll learn new ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle in our daily lives and learn about sustainability.  We’ll be super-savers of water and energy and use solar Legos to explore renewable energy. We can give everyday trash and recyclables new life as we make them into usable items and great works of art!  Make a difference this summer, and join Project Earth as you do your part toward saving the environment.

Push Your Limits (3-6)

From individual challenges to partner, group and team tasks, you are sure to expand your horizons and stretch the boundaries of what you thought you could do.  Call on your inner strength to decode puzzles, get through a maze before time runs out, guide a blindfolded partner through obstacles or beat your own record. Every day will bring a new set of opportunities to reach for the sky.  Get into the game and use your wits and strength to meet these mental and physical activities and challenges head on!

Rainforest Exploration (K-2)

A wealth of the most colorful and unique wildlife makes tropical rainforests chock full of interesting things!  Fly above the emergent layer, swing from the canopy, climb in the understudy, and crawl through the forest floor as we explore tropical rainforests.  From flora and fauna, to animals and insects, we will learn all about this amazing environment, its inhabitants and what we can do to preserve it.

Ready, Set, Cook (K-2)

What’s better than eating really good food?  Making it! We will mix up some delicious culinary masterpieces and have lots of fun, too!  Along with learning to cook new and tasty recipes, campers will learn about measuring, using kitchen tools and cooking safety.  So, on your mark, get set, COOK!

Rising Stars (K-2)

Do you have dreams of fame and fortune?  Wish you could be a famous ballerina, Broadway star, prince or princess, dancer, popstar, actor or model?  Your wishes will come true as you spend a week living the life of super stardom! In this class, you’ll dance to the music of your favorite real-life pop stars, pretend you’re a Disney prince or princess at the royal ball, walk down the red carpet while cameras snap your picture and more. It will be a week full of dancing to all kinds of music, singing along to your favorite tunes, and of course all kinds of pampering and make believe.

School of Rocks (& Fossils) (3-6)

Dig deep in this class and learn about the science that lies beneath your feet.  From the basic types of rocks to mineral identification to the slow – but sometimes earth-shaking – movements of the tectonic plates, you’ll explore the world of geology.  With hands-on activities, you’ll make your own rocks and fossils, learn about fault lines and earthquakes with bread and jelly, investigate seismography and more. Rock on!

Science of Candy (3-6)

Candy is good for you…it helps you understand science!  Drop a Warhead into baking soda and water, and bubbles erupt.  Leave a Skittle in water, and the S floats to the surface. Melt a Starburst, and shiny oil spots form.  Why does this happen? Let’s experiment and find out as well as learn how to make colorful candy crystals, grow giant gummies, sink marshmallows and float taffy.  The chemistry behind candy awaits our discoveries!

Sensational Science (K-2 and 3-6)

Calling all scientists!  If you are looking for a class that explores the entire spectrum of science with hands-on activities and experiments, then look no further!  Each day we will delve into crazy chemistry, fun physics, amazing astronomy, magnificent medicine or exciting earth science. New projects, fresh ideas and fun materials will bring out the mad scientist in you!

Silly Science (K-2 and 3-6)

Gummy worms, dancing raisins, shrinking marshmallows, flying toilet paper, bouncing bubbles…what do all these things have in common?  They are all super silly, but they can all be explained with serious science! If you are ready for some ridiculous chemistry and frolicking physics, then come join us for many exciting experiments and hilarious hijinks.  And don’t forget to bring your funny bone!

Stories on Stage (K-2)

Once upon a time there was a week filled with acting, singing and making stories come alive.  Join us in exploring and recreating the world of children’s literature as we turn stories into plays, make simple props for our “shows,” and learn to use our voices, facial expressions and bodies to portray different characters.  Each day we will step into a new tale for a fun-filled time.

Summer at Hogwarts (3-6)

Leave the Muggle world behind and enter a magical world filled with wizards, house elves, cauldrons, invisibility cloaks, floo networks, Marauders’ Maps and the elusive Golden Snitch!  We’ll make wands and magical pets, concoct potions and cast charms, visit Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, sample chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans and of course play a game of Quidditch.  Not even He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named could spoil the fun at Hogwarts. **This class is offered in the morning and afternoon, but please only sign up for one session. It is the same class offered twice.

Survivor: Pinecrest (3-6)

Get ready to outwit, outlast and outplay!  Have you got what it takes? Campers will take on whatever physical and mental challenges come their way.  From the ceremony initiating campers into tribes and the construction of each tribe’s shelter, we will build on your sense of team as we compete all week long in exciting challenges.

Star Wars (3-6)

Welcome to a place where good battles evil, the Force flows through every living thing, and the destiny of the universe hangs in the balance.  We will bring the memorable characters and thrilling plots of Star Wars to life as campers follow the path from mere Padawan hopeful to accomplished Jedi and Master of the Force.  We will test our Jedi abilities, create our own costumes, make light sabers, reenact some of our favorite battles, and, if all goes according to plan, restore good throughout the galaxy.  The Force will be with you in this class.

S.T.E.A.M. Your Senses (3-6)

Get ready to outwit, outlast and outplay!  Have you got what it takes? Campers will take on whatever physical and mental challenges come their way.  From the ceremony initiating campers into tribes and the construction of each tribe’s shelter, we will build on your sense of team as we compete all week long in exciting challenges.

Star Wars (3-6)

Use your senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math through games, crafts and art projects.  Make your own magnetic field sensory bottle. Create a beautiful tessellation. Bubble up some chemical reaction smelling salts. This class will have you exploring the world of S.T.E.A.M. with fun – and you won’t realize you’re learning too!  **This class is offered in the morning and afternoon, but please only sign up for one session. It is the same class offered twice.

Summer Staycation (K-2 and 3-6)

Not going on vacation this week?  That’s okay – we have a summer staycation planned!  You are invited to hang out at Pinecrest Pavilion and dive into some summer fun.  Whether it is playing games like volleyball or ladder ball, participating in water relays and other wet activities or making and enjoying yummy summer treats, you are sure to have a blast.  A watermelon seed spitting contest, summer crafts and preparing a beach boardwalk might also figure in our staycation plans!

Super Sleuths (K-2)

Calling all private investigators!  Follow the clues to a thrilling all new week of mystery as we become junior detectives.  Together we will make and crack top-secret codes, gather and follow clues, sniff out answers to intriguing mysteries and try out some forensic science as we investigate mystery powders in our lab.  It won’t take a detective to find the fun in this action-packed class!

Superhero Academy (K-2)

Here we come to save the day!!  It’s no easy feat to become heroic.  In addition to learning about the superheroes who came before us, our training will involve fun (and funny) physical and mental challenges to help us become super strong, agile, fast and flexible.  We’ll develop our own superheroes, complete with names, superpowers, costumes and maybe even theme songs. Soon we’ll be full-fledged superheroes, ready to go on missions and join the fight when there is a wrong to right!

Tabletop P.E. (K-2)

Table tennis, mini golf, bowling, outdoor relays and more – you won’t even miss the gym in this class of active games and events that can be played in your living room or front yard.  Better ask your parents before setting up the pins!

Theater Games (4-6)

Attention all young actors, comedians!  Learn about the fundamentals of acting such as voice projection and staging, as well as creating characters and plots off the top of your head and working as a team.  As if that weren’t enough, you’ll also more than likely laugh your lips off! The ability to think on your feet will certainly help you in future dramatic situations, but it’ll also come in handy in school and life as well.

Theater Workshop: Scriptwriting & Performance (4-6)

Have a ton of fun playing plot-developing games and other theater activities.  By the end of the week, you’ll refine one of the many, many scenes in which you performed.  The result will be a short skit you’ll be proud to truly call your own!

Time Machine (K-2)

Use your imagination to journey back in time and explore some amazing ancient civilizations.  You might visit the Egyptian pyramids, get to know the gods and goddesses of Mt. Olympus or walk the Great Wall of China.  Learn about traditional customs, food and clothing as well as many other timely facts from each culture. On our last day, our time machines will take us to an imagined future of our own invention!

Theater Workshop: Scriptwriting & Performance (4-6)

Have a ton of fun playing plot-developing games and other theater activities.  By the end of the week, you’ll refine one of the many, many scenes in which you performed.  The result will be a short skit you’ll be proud to truly call your own!

‘Tis the Season (K-2)

Spring, summer, winter, fall – which is your favorite season of all?  Is it the snowball fights, snowflakes and hot chocolate of winter or the water fun, popsicles, picnics, and flip flops of summer?  Is it the colorful falling leaves, apple picking, and apple cider of fall or the rain, wind, flowers, and new life in spring? No need to pick just one.  This week, we will take an entertaining journey through all four seasons and celebrate the very best parts of each with crafts, cooking, games, and more.

Totally Random (K-2 and 3-6)

It’s a grab bag o’ fun and adventures!  Join us as we mix together all kinds of camper favorites and different themes for one wild week!  From science and crafts to games and challenges, who knows what might happen or where this week will lead us.  Our motto for this class: If it’s fun, we’ll try it!

Totally Terrific Textiles (3-6)

Fibers are everywhere – in our clothing, our furniture, our beds, our toys – and they are a wonderful medium for creativity and design.  We’ll look under the microscope to learn about fibers from a scientific perspective, and then we will become artists and designers! We will explore many techniques for working with fiber – spinning, felting, knitting, sewing and papermaking – to create a personal fiber swatch book as well as jewelry, purses, cards and other fun projects.

Transform Your Tees (3-6)

What can you do with an old t-shirt?  Pillows, yarns, bracelets, scarves, necklaces, bags, vests, pet toys and skirts are just a few things you’ll learn to create with a t-shirt, a pair of scissors and maybe a needle and thread.  You’ll also learn how to cut a basic t-shirt into something more interesting, with bows, braids, rips, cuts and ties. Bring as many old shirts as you want – any size – and we’ll have lots on hand, too.

Vikings, Visigoths & More! (3-6)

Spend a week studying the hordes of the North and the East that shook things up during the European Middle Ages.  Through crafts, costuming and play, learn about their histories, cultures and customs, sagas and their ships and reputation for ferocity, courage and intrepid travelling.

What A Day (K-2)

Each day is a surprise adventure!  We might have Messy Monday with science and art activities that won’t keep us very clean or have Totally Odd Tuesday!  Wednesday might be Wacky Science with crazy concoctions and strange science – or just plain Wacky. Who knows what Pick a Theme Thursday will bring? You’ll get to vote!  Round out the week with Food Friday, playing with our food in imaginative ways – maybe something even freakier!

What a Mess (K-2)

Finally!  A class specifically designed for kids who like to get their hands (and everything else) DIRTY!  A week filled with goo, slime, flubber, glitter, confetti, mud, shaving cream and painting activities like you have never experienced before.  Put on your oldest duds, bring a change of clothes and get ready to make the biggest mess Pinecrest has ever seen!

What’s the Matter? (3-6)

Explore the states of matter and their properties in this trip around the periodic table.  Starting small, you’ll learn about atoms and molecules, then about the elements – how they interact, or which ones don’t interact!  What’s the difference between physical and chemical reactions? You’ll see with your own eyes! With plenty of hands-on experiments, you won’t just be a quantity of mass taking up space in this class.

Wild Weather (3-6)

Howling hurricanes!  Twisting tornadoes! Blinding fog!  Lightning that flashes and thunder that booms!  It’s an all-weather extravaganza that will have you on the edge of your seat!  Get inside the science of these spectacular phenomena as you unravel the reasons behind the most dramatic weather in the world.  You’ll become weather-wise through science experiments, exploration and research. Grab your extreme weather gear, storm chasers, and get ready for some wild weather!

Wild, Wild West (K-2)

Giddyup, cowpokes – we’re gonna have a rootin’, tootin’ good time!  We’ll rustle up a whole lot of fun reading tall tales, learning to talk like cowboys and cowgirls and singing songs around the campfire.  We’ll do some cookin’, learn some rope tricks, have horse races and rattlesnake throws and pan for gold!  Gather your wagons – we’re gonna have a rip-roarin’ trip to the Wild West.

Yoga, Movement & Mindfulness (3-6)

Howling hurricanes!  Twisting tornadoes! Blinding fog!  Lightning that flashes and thunder that booms!  It’s an all-weather extravaganza that will have you on the edge of your seat!  Get inside the science of these spectacular phenomena as you unravel the reasons behind the most dramatic weather in the world.  You’ll become weather-wise through science experiments, exploration and research. Grab your extreme weather gear, storm chasers, and get ready for some wild weather!


Campers will follow a typical preschool schedule with time for independent choice, small and large group activities and playtime.  Music, stories, crafts and creative play will revolve around the theme of the week (listed below). These morning-only classes are open to preschool children who will be four by September 30, 2018, are potty-trained and have attended preschool before.  For an additional fee, preschool after-care is available until 6 p.m.

Week 1 – June 17-21

Camp Out:  Experience some of nature and the great outdoors as we “camp out” together!

Week 2 – June 24-28

Outer Space:  Blast off for an “out of this world” experience in space!

Week 3 – July 1-3 (No camp or care Thurs., July 4 or Fri., July 5)

Happy Holidays:  Celebrate a whole year of fun holidays in just one week!

Week 4 – July 8-12

Down on the Farm:  Head to the barn and experience life on the farm!

Week 5 – July 15-19

Beach Week:  Soak up some sun and have some beach and ocean fun!

Week 6 – July 22-26

Safari:  Pack your bag and grab your binoculars as we set off on a great animal adventure!

Week 7 – July 29-August 2

Trains, Planes & Automobiles:  Move from one activity to another as we explore the wonderful world of transportation!

Week 8 – August 5-9

Bear Necessities:  Cuddle up and enjoy fun times with your teddy bear and learn about real bears, too!

Week 9 – August 12-16

Career Week:  What’s your favorite kind of work?  We will have fun trying out many different jobs.