Academic Vision


Pinecrest School strives to foster curiosity and confidence in our students.  We provide a solid foundation in core academic subjects, while also endeavoring to cultivate in our students a sense of caring for the world around them and an evolving understanding of how they can make positive contributions in our community and beyond.  Pinecrest School is a safe place.
By design, learning at Pinecrest is:
  • active and hands-on
  • holistic and nurturing
  • flexible and creative
  • meaningful and engaging
  • differentiated yet collaborative
  • and equally focused on academic growth and social/emotional growth
Students at Pinecrest School develop strong academic skills and a strong sense of self.  They problem solve, think critically, and communicate clearly.  They take pride in their work and are developing integrity.  They are respectful, responsible, and mindful.  They can work effectively independently and with others.  Pinecrest School students are emerging as leaders and lifelong learners.