Inclement Weather Policy

Pinecrest School follows Fairfax County Public School’s school closing and delay decisions.  

Pinecrest School follows Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) for inclement weather closures, unless FCPS closes county schools for more than three consecutive school days due to snow or other inclement weather.

In the event that FCPS closes their schools for more than three consecutive school days, beginning on the fourth consecutive school day, Pinecrest will use its discretion to determine whether to continue to follow FCPS or to independently open Pinecrest (either with a delayed or on-time opening).

In situations where Pinecrest uses discretion to independently open Pinecrest following three consecutive school days of FCPS closures, the decision as to whether or not to open the school will be made by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors in consultation with the Head of School and this decision will be communicated to families no later than 5:00 a.m. by email and text alert on the school day in question.

If FCPS opens two hours late, Pinecrest will open one hour late. Dismissal times do not change when there is a delayed opening.

Unless an extenuating circumstance persists such as lack of electricity or water or similar, Pinecrest will not make a decision until FCPS does (with the exception of the note above – if it is after the third consecutive closure). If it is necessary to close school early because of bad weather or an emergency situation, the Pinecrest School Emergency Preparedness Plan will be implemented as needed. School closings and delayed openings are announced to the school community via email and text alert system.

Information on when the county schools are closed can be accessed at fcps.edu, found on their social media, or heard early in the morning over most of the local television or radio stations.

In all cases, regardless of conditions in your locale, if Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) are closed, Pinecrest will be closed.

If there are more than two consecutive snow days, classroom teachers will send by email homework and/or suggestions for parents.

Concerns or questions about the school’s snow policy should be directed to the Board of Directors.

In the event of inclement weather, open houses for prospective families may be canceled.  Please call the school at 703.354.3446 to check the status; there will be a message on the voicemail greeting.