Board of Directors


Pinecrest School a non-profit organization.  We are a non-stock corporation under the purview of a Board of Directors, who are elected annually by the Pinecrest Community.  The board comprises current and alumni parents, a teacher representative and the Head of School (non-voting board member).  The Board of Directors oversees Pinecrest’s fiduciary welfare, strategic planning and long-term growth.

Chair: Erin Johnston
Vice Chair: Steve Donahoe
Secretary:  Steve Rumpp
Treasurer:  Victoria Hatfield 
At-Large Parent MembersManisha Bhaskar, Cathy Burke, Melissa Holder-Murray, Aimee Medonos and Nick Wakeman
At-Large Faculty MembersJanet Bleggi and Cindy Mitlo
At-Large Community Members:  Susan Akers and Lauren McCollum and Melanie McNulty

Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Member:  Nicole McDermott, Head of School