Update 9

UPDATE 4.27.23

Please see below from the Board of Directors.

April 27, 2023


Dear Pinecrest Community,


On behalf of the Board of Directors, we want to share an update with you about our Head of School transition. We are very excited that Darren Holgate will assume the role of our next Head of School beginning July 1, 2023, and we want to let you know that we are so pleased that we can retain Nicole McDermott longer than originally planned as she will be serving as the Acting Head of School from July 1, 2023 through August 11, 2023, in advance of Darren’s permanent arrival to Pinecrest on Monday, August 14, 2023. We are truly appreciative of Nicole and Darren’s partnership as they work to make the Head of School transition a smooth one.


Darren has another commitment this summer, one that he made before he knew of the opportunity at our school. Darren informed the Board of Directors of this prior to accepting the position as our next Head and we are working with him to accommodate this. Although Darren will not physically be at Pinecrest on a daily basis as our Head of School until mid August, he will be coming in throughout the summer and working remotely to ensure plans are in place for 2023-24 to be an amazing year. He will be communicating regularly with the school, administrative team, and Board throughout the summer and should you want to talk with him or meet in person please reach out to the school.


We are incredibly grateful for this additional time with Nicole and for her continued work and commitment to make the transition in school leadership as successful and seamless as possible.  We are also grateful for the time Darren has given, and continues to give, to Pinecrest in advance of his headship. This is Community!


We want to sincerely thank Nicole, Darren, Cynthia, Ragan, all of the faculty and staff, and the entire Pinecrest community for their support during this transition period. This is such a significant moment in time for our incredible school! As we look forward to the next few months, we are excited for another great summer at Pinecrest! If you have not signed up for summer camp yet, we hope your child(ren) will join us at our award-winning camp. Limited space is still available and details can be found here.


As we get closer to the summer, please look out for communications from Mr. Holgate and Ms. McDermott about how to reach them this summer and more details about the transition. 


We can’t wait to see you on Saturday night to Celebrate Pinecrest!




Steve Donahoe, Board Chair, Co-Chair Head Search Committee 

April Kreller, Board Vice Chair, Co-Chair Head Search Committee