No Discrepancy at Our Private School in Annandale, VA

It has become my tradition to share the below message with parents as we begin each school year.

“Teachers are torn between their desire to address students’ emotional needs and their need to teach to the test.  As the teachers explore these situations, they realize that there is a discrepancy between what they would like to do and their practice.”  (From Reflective Practice for Educators by K.F. Osterman & R.B. Kottkamp)

 I believe this passage underscores one of the best things about Pinecrest School.  There is no discrepancy here, and no one is teaching to any tests. Our teachers are not torn.  They are able to do both: teach a challenging and engaging academic program and focus on children’s social/emotional well-being at the same time – and they do it very well.  Our teachers are committed and caring, enthusiastic and expert, giving and talented, and they look at each child as an individual.  Behind them is me and the rest of our leadership team; we are focused on the same goals and share the same values about the way school should be:  safe, interactive, engaging, individualized, hands-on and, of course, fun!  Finally, we have an invested and dedicated Board of Directors who work with me on strategic initiatives and who are focused on protecting and ensuring financial stability.  I am proud to lead – and to have led for the past 13 years – a school community where there is no confusion about what matters most for teachers and where our children shine, every day, in so many ways.

We’re looking forward to a wonderful 2018-19 school year!

By Ms. McDermott

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