It’s a Bull Market for Our Annandale, VA School!

The Virginia Council On Economic Education recently awarded the regional second place prize in its Stock Market Game™ for the 2017-18 school year to a team from Annandale, VA school Pinecrest School, which consisted of a sixth-grader and two fifth-graders and was sponsored by 5th/6th grade teacher, Ms. Cindy Mitlo.  Pinecrest’s team competed against twenty-three other regional teams in grades 4-12 to come in second place.  The Stock Market Game™ is a state-wide online educational program in which students “invest” 100,000 virtual dollars in the stock market.  Nearly 17,000 students participated in teams and managed simulated investment portfolios, whose performances were then compared to portfolios of other teams in Virginia and their regions.

“The Stock Market Game™ is a fun way for students to apply math concepts, practice their research skills, and learn about business, economics and current events,” said Ms. Mitlo.  “I can’t wait to see how far we’ll get next year!”

Learning about how the stock market works is just one of the many economic concepts fifth- and sixth-graders are introduced to as part of their year-long classroom economics program.  Students also create their own money and checks, apply for and hold down classroom jobs (such as emptying the recycle bin), “rent” or “buy” their desks (from business mogul Ms. Mitlo) and periodically change their economic system from capitalism to communism and more.

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