“History Is Better When We Act It Out!” at Our Annandale Private School

“History is better when we act it out!”  So said one enthusiastic fourth-grader at our top-rated private school in Northern Virginia, when talking about a recent history lesson about the American Revolution.

The fourth grade class participated in a special activity to bring “taxation without representation” to life – they would themselves become American colonists and face a tyrannical monarch.  The Queen (aka our Head of School) imposed taxes on goods vital to the American colonists, such as their pencils, paper and pens.  But our intrepid colonists banned together to protest the imposition of unfair taxes and stormed the Queen’s castle (aka Ms. McDermott’s office), demanding that they be treated with equality!

This kind of activity highlights what Pinecrest School has long known about the benefits of hands-on learning – and the enthusiastic learners this methodology creates.  Hands-on learning helps students “explore the connection with concepts in the classroom and how they relate to situations on a deeper level and helps to promote critical thinking while making learning a fun experience.”  Don’t just take our word for it.  Click this link to learn more!

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