Class Presentations Showcase Students’ Collaborative Work

One of the current traditions at our small private school in Northern Virginia is the delivery of class presentations. This year the presentations began with our oldest two classes. Both of these presentations were centered around topics the students have been learning in social studies. Both were also perfect examples of the creativity, critical thinking, hard work, and collaboration that students develop at Pinecrest School.

On Friday, November 8, the 4th and 5th grade class boldly presented on countries from around the world. Each student spoke about a different place and culture. What made the topic even more meaningful was that each student had selected a country to which they had a personal connection. Using costumes, visual aids, and demonstrations, the students shared information about their chosen country relating to popular foods, sports, dress, traditions, language, and more. Some even performed dances and martial arts. Each presenter was clearly well prepared.

The 6th grade class followed two weeks later with a presentation that focused on medical treatment in medieval Europe. The audience was able to learn why there was so much sickness at this time in history, what sicknesses were most prevalent, and what treatments were used. The presenters had planned and rehearsed, and they used a combination of presentation and dramatization to share their research. As the senior class at our progressive private school in Annandale, these students showcased the skills and confidence they have developed over the years.

What made watching these presentations even more impressive, was knowing that the outlines, research, and preparation were all led and completed by the students themselves. They were not scripted by their teachers or given a program to present. These young students took ownership of how they wanted to share their learning, and it showed. Each fact, date, joke, dramatization, and demonstration was of their own selection. Because of this, they knew the material well and were invested in what they were sharing.

This is Pinecrest at its best. Part of the magic of an individualized progressive approach to learning is that it empowers children to be critical thinkers and to take ownership and be invested in their own learning. We could not be prouder of our students, and the transformative work they do every day. What a treat these presentation days are when the entire community can share a part of that process together!

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