Why We Love Our Northern Virginia Private School – Their Words Not Ours

Some of the students at our private school in Northern Virginia recently shared why they love Pinecrest School.


From a fifth grader:

“I love Pinecrest because you can be yourself.  There is homework but not too much.  The teachers are nice and you can go to them for help.  There are no bullies or mean people.  Even if there were, you could trust the teachers.  I also like that there are smaller classes.  So you get more one on one time.”


From a fourth grader:

“Pinecrest is a really fun school where it is easy to learn.  It is really nice here and all the teachers are really kind.  The small classes are helpful.  You can make a ton of friends here.  Every day I am happy to come to school instead of sad.  Pinecrest makes learning really fun.  Pinecrest is the best school in the world.”


From a fifth grader:

“I love Pinecrest because the teachers are generous and understanding.  I also love Pinecrest because of all the opportunities it gives you.  By that I mean of all its new classes like STEAM and coding.  They also give you more instruments like ukuleles.  I like ukuleles because it’s teaching me something new that I never learned before.  Another thing that I like about Pinecrest is K-Kids.  K-Kids is a small club that is about helping the environment and the people in it.  I also love Pinecrest because of the students.  All the students are kind and generous and most important of all they are all unique.”


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