Full STEAM Ahead at Our Private School in Annandale

In November 2018, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced new statewide investment in K-12 and college technology education. The impetus for the increased focus on technology education was the decision by Amazon to build one of two new headquarters in Crystal City, a move which further cements Northern Virginia as one of the premier regions for tech businesses in the entire country. As such, Governor Northam wants to ensure that tech giants like Amazon will look to Virginia students for its future employment needs.  Read more about Governor Northam’s press conference here.

At Pinecrest School, an award-winning progressive Northern Virginia private school, we’re ahead of the curve. Our K-6 students already receive one coding and four STEAM classes every week. These classes incorporate activities that emphasize the creative connections between science, technology, engineering, art and math. Step into one of Pinecrest’s STEAM classes and you’ll see students sawing, nailing, 3D printing, sculpting, painting, measuring, calculating and, most importantly, brainstorming.

One our current kindergarten students summed up his experience in STEAM classes in the best possible way for his mom.

Mom:  “What was the best part of your day at Pinecrest?”
Kindergartner:  “That is easy.  STEAM.”
Mom:  “STEAM?  What is that?”
Kindergartner:  “It is just a bunch of fun things mixed together and you know what?”
Mom:  “What?”
Kindergartner:  “When you are done STEAMing, you come out stronger and smarter.”

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