Northern Virginia Private School Offers Lessons to its Class of 2019

What follows is Ms. McDermott’s speech to our Annandale private school Class of 2019 at our K-6 Spring Concert and Sixth Grade Graduation on June 4:

Last week, we took our Class of 2019 on a special kayaking trip, and I want to share some lessons with you inspired by our kayaking trip.

  • Stay open. Trying new things makes you stronger and more well rounded.
  • Life, similar to sitting in a kayak, is all about balance – things usually go better when you don’t lean over too far to one side.
  • Sometimes the things you must do or have to do are not the things that matter most – like the kayak race! The consistent challenge of life is to figure out which is which and direct your energy to the right things.
  • You can do hard things!! (It’s like this is my thing or something – haha – for the 2nd year in a row, I’m the cool lady who yells this at the sixth grade trip…)
  • Even when it’s hard – like when there’s a current in the creek or something else you cannot identify – you want to do everything you can to keep moving forward and keep growing.

We’re so proud of how far you’ve moved forward at Pinecrest and we hope to stay in touch with you so we can continue to see you grow and thrive. 

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