Choir Returns to Pinecrest School

The 2018-19 school year included an important milestone for Pinecrest School.  For the first time in the school’s 60+ year history, students were able to participate in an organized choir.  The dedicated group rehearsed regularly and performed at multiple venues culminating with a performance at the Kings Dominion Festival of Music, where they received an Excellent Rating from the judges.  They also raised the spirits at a local nursing home with their very first performance (see video below), and enchanted family members at the K-6 spring concert.


This year, Pinecrest School is delighted to again be offering choir for students in grades 3-6.  The program focuses on fostering a love of music and singing, along with improving vocal technique and  musical understanding.  It is widely recognized that singing in a choir setting helps students to build confidence, learn to work collaboratively, and develop deeper feelings of engagement and belonging.  As a community that embraces mindfulness, Pinecrest also welcomes the wonderful role that music can play in reducing stress and anxiety in both students and adults.


We cannot wait to witness the journey of our 2019-20 Pinecrest School choir!



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